In the late summer of 2013, the bar and restaurant in Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm, was about to get a completely new face. Daniel Hermansson, food and beverage manager with a long list of successful bar and restaurants on his resumé, was in charge and he had big plans.

The bar itself should in no way be modest but take up a significant amount of space in the room. Behind the bar, a "bartender's table" would be built where selected guests could eat and drink while playing pinball and retro Nintendo video games. The restaurant is named after the ailment of the crew's house dog, Wilma. 


Over a six month period, no less than eight Rusty Remakes Signatures were designed. Lamps made out of old meat grinders, a blowtorch and an Edison phonograph horn bell was installed alongside the bar. On the right hand side of the bar now hangs a bath tub faucet lit up by three bulbs, strategically placed so that it is noticeable from the check-in counter. As a center piece in the restaurant, Signature Bonnie & Clyde, a magnificent duo made from two large 1920's Atwater Kent radio horns, light up the ginormous menu sign.  


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