Bringing history back to light



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Imagine you were a hundred years old. The things you would have seen. Endured. And achieved. Then, just when you thought your days were numbered, you got the chance to live a hundred years more...
Milan Inn-tiques in Milan Ohio 2013. Good selection. Good storekeeper. 


It all started in summer 2012, during a 4 000-mile road trip through the United States. Captivated by the light and the sceneries of the Nevada and Arizona deserts, I also fell in love with the tattered old buildings and vintage industrial objects, along Route 66. Many of these items are forgotten in modern society. Still, some possess a timeless design with their fascinating symmetries and shapes. And stories. These, I believe, deserve the opportunity to shine once again.

- Peter Hedström, Founder & Designer


Rusty Remakes designs lamps out of old beautiful vintage parts and objects. Each light is completely unique. We call them Signatures. All lamps are inspired by different design styles and divided into four RE-Collections. 

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Daniel at Eek Visual Art for an amazing job with the graphic design and the art direction for this website.