Thomas - 60W Carbon Filament Bulb

Thomas - 60W Carbon Filament Bulb


Vintage style carbon filament light bulbs. Come in beautifully branded Rusty Remakes boxes.

Thomas is made in the style of the classic Edison Bulb 1910 and comes with the authentic "drop" at the top. Named after Thomas Alva Edison who produced a bulb in the late 1800s that glowed for over 1500 hours.

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  • E27/60W/240V/CE Mark Approved
  • Glass: Clear
  • D: 58 mm. H: 131 mm
  • Dimmable
  • Life Hours: 3 000+ hours (in stable conditions)

These bulbs come with just the right amount of imperfection. The glass is a bit dirty and the surface is sometimes rough. Some of the sockets are just a little bit skewed and the boxes are not "all perfect". I love it, as this is as close to a real vintage light bulb that you will get. Use them together with a plug-in dimmer for best results.