Humphry - 60W Carbon Filament Bulb

Humphry - 60W Carbon Filament Bulb


Vintage style carbon filament light bulbs. Come in beautifully branded Rusty Remakes boxes.

Humphry comes with a very unique and rare shape. This bulb is named after Humphry Davy, an English scientist creating the first electric light in the early 1800s.

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  • E27/60W/240V/CE Mark Approved
  • Glass: Amber
  • D: 85 mm. H: 120 mm
  • Dimmable
  • Life Hours: 3 000+ hours (in stable conditions)

These bulbs come with just the right amount of imperfection. The glass is a bit dirty and the surface is sometimes rough. Some of the sockets are just a little bit skewed and the boxes are not "all perfect". I love it, as this is as close to a real vintage light bulb that you will get. Use them together with a plug-in dimmer for best results.