Authentic Phonograph Wall Lamp

Authentic Phonograph Wall Lamp

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Wall lamp, created from a new produced exclusive brass phonograph horn, a raw brass wall mount and a black braided textile cable. 

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These horns are handmade and cut from thin brass sheets. Therefore, you will find small marks, dents, scratches and imperfections on them. We call it personality. This is what gives the authentic look of a vintage horn, which is the purpose of the AUTHENTIC line.   


  • E27/240V/CE mark approved brass lamp holder.
  • 2,5 m black braided textile cable. 
  • Grounded 240V plug.
  • Exclusive raw brass wall mount.
  • Comes with 1 LED bulb Joseph (4W, dimmable).

Height/Width/Weight (M): 31 cm  / 34 cm / 1 kg
Height/Width/Weight (L): 36 cm  / 43 cm / 1,5 kg