The Crooked Leg



Inside bar-1150x680.jpg

In the late summer of 2013, the bar and restaurant in Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm, was about to get a completely new face. The bar itself should in no way be modest but take up a significant amount of space in the room. Behind the bar, a "bartender's table" would be built where selected guests could eat and drink while playing pinball and retro Nintendo video games. 


Over a six month period, no less than eight Rusty Remakes Signatures were designed. Lamps made out of old meat grinders, a blowtorch and an Edison phonograph horn bell was installed alongside the bar. On the right hand side of the bar now hangs a bath tub faucet lit up by three bulbs, strategically placed so that it is noticeable from the check-in counter. As a center piece in the restaurant, Signature Bonnie & Clyde, a magnificent duo made from two large 1920's Atwater Kent radio horns, light up the ginormous menu sign.  


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