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Nautical Style 1 - 1150x680.jpg

If you are into ships, sailing or if you grew up near the ocean, this design direction will probably feel right to you. The nautical style in itself is fairly straightforward. Brass, wood, white and navy blue are base notes and together with accent colors like green, red an orange, the palette will be complete.

If you don’t feel like going “all overboard”, add a carefully selected nautical style lamp to a more subtle interior and let it become a conversation piece. 


Lamps in the Nautical Style RE-Collection are made from exclusive solid brass ship parts, usually dated 1920-1950. Nautical antiques are very expensive to source and very sought after, so expect the prices to be high on these designs. But close your eyes, listen closely and you will hear the metallic noise from the ship and roar of the ocean...


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