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Do you prefer the minimal look, with strong, clean lines and less excess, then industrial style has your name on it. Industrial style is it a tribute to the era when hardworking men and machines drove society forward. Think grey - lots of grey, mixed up with the right amount of black, brown and white to break through the fog. Top thing off with pastell colors like yellow, turquoise and green but make sure it consists of original, flaking paint.

Metal is obviously the only material you need. Tin, steel and aluminum might work if you’re into a more modern look, but if you like dirty, rusty, worn stuff like we do, cast iron is definitely the number one choice.


Lamps in the Industrial Style RE-Collection oozes of old industries and the workshops of the mid 1900's. Inspiration and parts come from gasometers, old truck horns, massive cast iron cogs, and other heavy machinery components. Expect geometrical shapes with less ornaments. And tons of cast iron!

Even though it might be a little bit against the rules, we sometimes add some brass to the designs, just to make them pop some more. Because rules are made to be broken...


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